Are you planning to throw a surprise birthday party for your friend/family? A luxury yacht is a perfect venue for a living dream party. Celebrating on a yacht could be the best birthday present your beloved one could ever fancy. Whether it’s a sweet 16 or a milestone year, this luxurious vessel will imbue your function with a sense of class. This soiree will give an unforgettable experience filled with mesmerizing views of golden water during sunset, full of fun activities, delicious food to tickle their taste buds, and much more.

What are you waiting for? Trust me, the birthday boy/girl will always thank you for this beautiful yet unexpected surprise. This method to the madness from stressed-out to peaches and cream will drive you crazy just by reading this article. Imagine, how the celebrant is going to be speechless.

Here you go with the list to plan a perfect birthday on a luxury yacht in Miami:

Fun Activities at Miami Beach Yachts

This is one of the things you wouldn’t wanna miss when planning a birthday party on a yacht. Many charters include all-inclusive water sports, where you and your friends enjoy sunbathing on the deck, dancing and playing in the water. Apart from these, you also get to paddle boarding, float on a water mat, and a water trampoline. Thrilled right? Charter Solution has more to offer than the regular fun adventures one could expect in their budget.

We charter anchors on an island, where you can explore the unexplored and have a mini beach adventure enjoying the DJ, delicious grilled burgers, hotdogs, beer, wine and champagne with any light snack.

Want some Bonus? The private sailing yacht party also includes similar water sports such as paddle boats, aqua mat, water noodles, trampoline and kayaking. That’s why it is called Miami’s best party!
Fun Activities at Miami Beach Yachts

Sail in with Small and Large Groups

There are so many benefits of choosing water fantasies to celebrate the most remarkable birthday bash. All you need to do is hire Charter Solution in which all your guests accommodate and fit in with great lounge spaces with high comfort to relax and enjoy the entire fete.

Hop in and sit back, relax in our fleet and take advantage of beautiful views of Miami Beach and blue waters. Enjoy the unforgettable incredible evening alongside your beloved people.
Sail in with Small and Large Groups

Groove with Our Boat-Ready DJ

Ever wondered why is Miami Boat party a fan favorite with new and returning Miami Beach visitors? Let the truth be told, in spite of tons of reasons to revisit this beautiful island, one of them is that DJ is included in our party package.

Yeah, you read right! Now you can enjoy all your favorite tunes spun by our DJ without paying any extra dollars. Do not miss your chance to make requests to the music master, mix some jams and get groovy with our boat-ready DJ!
Groove with Our Boat-Ready DJ

Come Out with a Creative Theme

We know, it’s tough to decide on one and top the perks of planning a perfect boat party. But, as we said earlier, you are going to experience some exquisite breathtaking and unforgettable views. If you wish to take this celebration to the next level, you can pick a fun theme or connect with our team to know about more funky themes that aren’t just for kids.
Come Out with a Creative Theme

Embrace the Seaworthy Expertise of Your Very Own Captain

Still, having second thoughts about picking a designated yacht captain? Don’t worry, we got you. With all our private tours on board with their very own captain and first mate. You are in safe hands with a crew of two in the front. Also, our captains have vast experience with Miami waters and you can feel free to explore and make the most of it, from wildlife to great landmarks and places to eat.
Wanna know the best part about owning a captain? If your guests get tired of pedalling away from the bar, our captain will turn on the engine and get things moving for you.
Embrace the Seaworthy Expertise of Your Very Own Captain

Before you set off on a sail, do give a glance at this checklist to ensure that you are not missing out on anything crucial-

  • Engine Check
  • Emergency food and water supplies
  • Boating Equipment
  • Life Jackets
  • Fuel Tank
  • Essential items of clothing


So are you in? Poke around and dive into our website for more information. As we all know, Miami Beach is a great place to visit all year round and if you haven’t been yet, then it’s the perfect time to explore and celebrate the birthday in your style.

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