About Jacob Gitman

President of Your Chartered Solutions, Dr Jacob Gitman, is an innovator, scientist and businessman who lives in in Florida. Jacob is passionate about research and discovery and is known for a range of innovations and inventions focused on green initiatives. He has written extensively for a number of scientific publications both in English and Russian.

Early life and education

Jacob began his education at the Moscow Mining Institute, where he completed an undergraduate degree in Physics and Mining, before graduating from the Russian Academy of Sciences, with a Ph.D. in Solid State Physics.

In 1992, Gitman moved to the United States after Stanford University selected him as part of their science exchange program.

Dedicated to science and discovery

Dr Gitman is passionate about scientific advancements through research. Over the years, he and his partners have invented several innovative instruments and gadgets, submitting close to 20 patent applications.

Some of these patented inventions include an instrument for growing biological mass and an electronic device that analyzes defects. Also included in his portfolio are a new way of cultivating biological cultures and continuous pyrolysis methods, a handsfree method for measuring body temperature, and a device for stimulating rainfall.

Passionate about climate change and environmental challenges, Gitman is dedicated to strategies to tackle water shortages in developing countries and renewable energy development.

Business ventures and career

A serial entrepreneur, Gitman is involved in a number of enterprises. He is president of Athena Medical Group, a healthcare group with medical centers located across Florida, Brazil, and Chile. Athena Medical group is the only healthcare organization that uses robotics technologies to perform cardiovascular surgeries on outpatients.

In 1998, he launched VGM International, Inc., one of the first technology companies to introduce Voice Over IP (VOIP) to the world. After selling his shares in the company, Gitman reinvested his capital gains in the aviation industry.

Technology firm Signet International, LLC appointed Gitman as president in 2006 – a company focused on corporate digital transformations, which provides multi-industry digital solutions, including CRM modules and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

Personal life

Jacob has a keen interest in aviation, sailing, and fishing. His enthusiasm for boating is what spurred him to open Your Charter Solution.

At his home in Florida, Jacob Gitman is actively involved with the Chabad of Sunny Isles. He has three sons, Larry, Jon, and David, who work with their father in the family businesses.