Has it ever occurred to you- to explore the beautiful and inimitable USA on an amazing yacht vacation? Sail in a safe domestic travel destination on a private luxury might just be the perfect remedy for the travel bug this season.

Explore the myriad tropical destinations that are accessible from the waters and throw yourself in an abundance of freshwater sailing in the Great Lakes. With the US presenting almost endless cruising opportunities for visitor sailors you can easily check these places off your bucket list.

If you are not able to pick the first destination, here are the top 5 beaches to set sail in the new world and beyond. Let’s get started.

Here’s the list of top 5 holiday destinations

  • Miami Beach
  • Bahamas Beach
  • Descanso Beach, California
  • Newport, Rhode Island
  • Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Discover the best beaches to explore waters in the US – 5 amazing boat holiday destinations

Miami Beach

Miami BeachAs soon as we hear “Miami” the first thing that comes to mind is the beach. The golden sand, sparkling waters, tanned tourists, celeb-studded stays, never-ending nightlife… the thought itself drives us crazy then imagine what will happen if surpassed by reality? This legendary beach is a perfect resort destination for you as it sets the golden standard for hospitality, and constantly upgrades the latest waves of the visitor’s expectations. If you want to explore more than Miami in a day then opt for a private yacht charter from Miami to Bahamas.

Live one of the best boating lives in the waters of Miami and go far beyond the sun and sand, encompassing the amazing nightlife and world-famous art galleries. Book your luxury stay and experience the unique architectural style of this world’s most visually stunning region while touring by a private boat from Miami to Nassau.

Bahamas Beach

Bahamas BeachIsn’t the beach an accurate metaphor for leisure and relaxation? The vibes of the Bahamas Beach are the ultimate bliss. You won’t even know what you are missing out on unless you experience a lovely little beach vacation for yourself in the waters of the Bahamas. From the candy-floss-coloured Pink Sands Beach to the very renowned Pig Beach, the Bahamas is the pure heaven on earth. The concept of reaching the best beaches by boat is not new. Or, prefer a crewed Bahamas yacht charter to entirely cruise between sandy coves of Eleuthera to the beach bars on the coast of Nassau and beyond.

Time to grab your flip-flops and escape the crowds by chartering a yacht in the waters of the Bahamas. Make a beeline for one of the cultural trip’s top picks, backed by the azure Caribbean Sea.

Descanso Beach, California

Descanso Beach, CaliforniaIf you are a fan of watersports galore, such as snorkeling, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding then Descanso Beach is the perfect place for you. Here, Catalina Island is just about 20 miles off the coast of Southern California. Sit back, relax in the comfortable lounge chairs, rent a few cabanas and unwind at the bar and restaurant. Also, get to elevate your Descanso Beach Club experience where it’s legal to have a drink in your hand and feet on the sand at the same time.

Kick back, relax and enjoy the warm sun, cool breeze and the beautiful scenic ocean on your own slice of little Descanso paradise. You may also charter to Descanso Beach early in the morning if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, or later in the day if you want to experience a complete party scene.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode IslandNewport County, Rhode Island brims with quaint New England charm and boasts dramatic craggy shorelines. This classic coast is the perfect island for both couples with a good old-fashioned Colonial American environment and modern boating enthusiasts. Newport has been recently named Conde Nast Traveler and is also one of the top destinations for sailing in the US. This place has been welcoming visitors from all over the world for nearly 400 years! Isn’t that fascinating?

Plan a beautiful vacation, surround yourself with water on all sides and explore its incredible architecture, history, galleries, shopping, restaurants with delicious regional food and activities that will thrill you.

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park, FloridaDo you love fishing? Dry Tortugas National Park may be famous for its amazing scenery with a sense of history, but if you love fishing, you can experience fishing around here. The way to head here is some 68 miles west of Key West to the areas around the park. Add a variety of Snapper, Grouper, Jacks, Wahoo, Tuna, Amberjack, Pompano, and even King Fish to your bucket with the regular species.

Undoubtedly seaplanes are the most exciting way to travel Dry Tortugas aboard as it gives you the most time on the island. Explore the natural beauty of this amazing destination with your own personal seaplane charter.

Sailing for the first time? That’s okay if you are a boat virgin, we’re here to help
If you have never chartered a yacht before, it might seem a bit intimidating – but it is fun! Charter Solutions has made booking and sailing to waters easy to have a great vacation experience. Plus, you will be given plenty of helpful sailing information including tips along with a comprehensive checklist.

So we have got all covered, all you need to do is get excited, request a quote, and plan an amazing vacation this season on the beaches in the US.

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