Yacht Getaways for All Occasions

Private Yacht Adventures

Yacht Vacations for the Whole Family

It´s time to take your family on the yacht adventure of a lifetime! Charter Solution offer you unforgettable yacht getaways to exotic destinations.

Unlike traditional family vacations, our luxury yachts create an intimate environment where you and your family can really get to bond.

Our charter yacht getaways are a cost effective way to spend quality time with each member of your family.

Call us today so we can help you plan a family vacation aboard one of our private luxury yachts. Create everlasting memories that your family will never forget!

Corporate Event Services

Yacht Charter for Corporate Event

We offer luxury yacht getaways for all types of corporate events and functions.

Your employees and management staff can spend time together aboard a luxury yacht, bringing them closer together as a team.

A corporate event on board one of our private yachts helps produce a cohesive team, which will be more productive for your business.

If you want your work team to gel and always give 100% all year-round, talk to our friendly staff today about our yacht getaways.

Miami Fishing Party Boat

Festive Fishing with Your Buddies

If you and your friends love to go fishing, Charter Solution have luxury yacht getaways to numerous destinations.

We have private yachts which are fully equipped, so you and your fishing buddies can enjoy a day together, doing what you love best.

Our staff and crew will take you to the best fishing spots, so you are able to reel in the catch of the day!

Get some fishing friends together and contact us today. Our yacht getaways are the ideal way to enjoy a fishing adventure aboard a private luxury yacht.

Discover new places of happiness!

Sail in luxurious boats around the world with spectacular locations in the exciting city of Florida

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Party Yachts

Party Yachts

Special Events

Special Events

Yacht Weddings

Yacht Weddings

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