There are many brands and models to choose from when it comes to buying a luxury yacht. The Azimut 55 is one of the yachts that really stands out from the crowd.

The 55 foot Azimut offers its passengers a combination of style, performance, and comfort. So let´s take a look at the history of Azimut Yachts before we review the elegant 55 foot Azimut.

History behind Azimut Yachts

Azimut Yachts was launched in 1969, when Paolo Vitelli (still the current owner) founded Azimut SRL. The company first dedicated itself to chartering sail boats.

Various yachting brands appointed the company to sell their boats in Italy in 1970. Azimut expanded its operations and began to design new yachts as it continued with yacht distribution.

Azimut acquired Benetti in 1985 and was able to construct its own yachts, defining new style and industry standards. Meanwhile Azimut revolutionized the boat industry and rapidly expanded with new production sites. Consequently, the company quickly gained international recognition.

Azimut Yachts HQ are located in Viareggio, Italy. The famous yacht building brand has a current standing production value of €900 million. The Italian boat construction company constantly deliver high quality luxury yachts.

Azimut Yacht Reviews: Azimut 55 Flybridge

55 Azimut flybridge

The materials used by Azimut Yachts have been designed and developed for the most comfortable user experience. In addition, Azimut offers standard equipment and a wide range of optional features for each Azimut model. One of the best choices is the Azimut 55, which is part of the Flybridge Collection offered by Azimut Yachts.

Credit for exterior concept and design of this Azimut yacht model goes to Stefano Righini. Meanwhile the interior design of each Azimut 55 Flybridge is by Achille Salvagni Architetti, an extraordinary designer. This 55 ft yacht can accommodate 6 passengers and 1 crew member overnight.

55 Azimut main cabin

Innovative Azimut Features

The EPS (Electronic Power Steering) is one of the best features that the Azimut 55 Fly has to offer. Further, the innovative Optimus EPS system (by Seastar Solutions) gives you the feeling of driving a top-range car. Steering responsiveness is adjustable. You can regulate turns of the wheel and steering effort, according to speed. EPS has eliminated hydraulic piping between the helm station and the rudder compartment.

The Active Trim Control is another great feature of the 55 Azimut. This system uses automatic interceptors to reach optimum running trim in the least amount of time. The Active Trim Control system increases speed and lowers the Azimut 55 fuel consumption.

The 55ft Azimut comes with 2 x 800hp MAN R6 inline turbocharged diesel engines. This beautiful motor yacht can cruise at 27 knots and has a top speed of 31 knots. A fuel capacity of 676 galons allows long travel distances. Meanwhile the 155 galon fresh water tank provides plenty of drinking water for passengers and crew.

More Features with the Azimut S Collection

55 Azimut rear deck area

Azimut also offers its clients other models such as the Azimut 55 Evolution and the 55S. The Azimut 55 S comes with Triple IPS propulsion, a system that provides minimum noise and vibration levels.

The Naviop Advanced Monitoring System is another great feature. This system displays information that controls the main on-board systems such as engine data, fuel consumption, generators, interceptor, nav lights, batteries, and air conditioning.

Azimut 55 Price and Availability

The internet always has plenty of Azimut 55 for sale if you are looking to purchase your dream yacht. A typical used Azimut 55 cost anywhere between USD300,000 and USD1,750,000 depending on the year model.

We recommend you rent one of our Azimut luxury yachts so you can get a feel for these beautifully designed vessels. Take a minute to fill in the Yacht Charter Quote form below and we will get back to you with a Free No-Obligation Quote. You too can enjoy the unique nautical experience that Azimut has to offer!

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