Looking for a Caribbean vacation destination that isn´t crowded and over-hyped? Rum Cay Bahamas is the perfect getaway! Rum Cay is a small island in the Bahamas that offers calm, clear water, and pristine beaches filled with fine quartz sand from its volcanic past. The island offers private beach getaways for people who want to relax and enjoy nature at its finest.

Where is Rum Cay?

Rum Cay map

Rum Cay island is located a little more than 180 miles south east of Nassau (capital of the Bahamas). The island is roughly 365 miles south east of Miami, Florida. The two closest islands to Rum Cay are Long Island (to the west) and Conception Island (north-west).

Brief History of Rum Cay Bahamas

The island has a long history dating back to the days of Columbus. The first settlers were shipwreck survivors of 11 ships that sank off the eastern shores of the island in 1785. It’s rumored that most of the treasure is still buried somewhere around the island. Over the years pirate treasures have been found in the area. Today, the main settlement on Rum Cay is Port Nelson, with has a population of less than 100 people!

Things to do in Rum Cay

Known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise water, and crystal clear pools, Rum Cay Bahamas has something for everyone. Here are some of the popular activities you can enjoy on Rum Cay:

– Snorkel at the Rum Cay Dive Center
– Swim with the sharks at The Dive Company of America’s Shark Lagoon Tours
– Hike the Bahama Trail from Kings Point to The Lighthouse on Scrub Island
– Spend a few hours at the Sea Gypsy Cafe and let your hair down over a drink or two

snorkel at Rum Cay

The most important natural attraction that Rum Cay Bahamas has to offer is the Great Bahama Bank, the second largest coral reef in the world. This reef is home to an abundance of fish, coral reef, and sea turtles. Another natural wonder on Rum Cay are the historical ruins of the original New Providence settlement.

Beaches of Rum Cay

The best beaches of Rum Cay Bahamas are located on the west side of the island. This side of the island includes North Point, South Point, and Middle Island Cove. One of the most popular beaches here is Rum Point Beach.

This beach is ideal for snorkeling, as it’s only about 100 yards from shore. It also offers easy access to hidden coves, making it a great spot when the water is too rough for open water snorkeling. You can find this beach towards the less touristy end of town, in front of Tiki Village Resort.

Where to Stay in Rum Cay Bahamas

There are various accommodation options on the island that cater for every budget. Options range from 5 star resorts to simple beach cabins that include hammocks and nearby restrooms.

The most common form of accommodation on the island are the private villas. These villas require a minimum stay of two nights while some can be rented for a week. Such villas include everything you need for a pleasant stay. You will find everything: from pleasant bed linen made of expensive satin (in Ukrainian постільна білизна сатин) to luxurious wine. 

The island also has several places where visitors can stay in cottages or campgrounds. These options are perfect for people who want to experience a natural getaway on Rum Cay island.

How to get there

There are a number of ways you can get to Rum Cay Bahamas. Apart from booking a flight to the island, the most common way to arrive at Rum Cay is by regular ferry from Nassau. There are also many large cruise ships that dock near Rum Cay’s airport for short stays or day trips. They offer an easy means of transport into town or to other nearby islands.

However, if you want a more exclusive means of arriving at Rum Cay, we recommend you book a private yacht charter. Luxury motor yachts are quite fast and provide an intimate environment for your family and friends. Charter Solution has a huge fleet of luxury yachts based in Miami, Florida. We offer private yacht charters from Miami to the Bahamas. Indulge and enjoy VIP service as you travel from Miami to Rum Cay, or any other Bahaman destination.

Hidden Gem of the Caribbean

Rum Cay Bahamas Island

Rum Cay Bahamas is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to relax, enjoy some sun, and frolick in crystal clear waters. Visit the historical ruins, vibrant coral reefs, miles of white sandy beaches, and get to relax like never before!

If you would like more information on private yacht charters to Rum Cay Bahamas, call Charter Solution now. Our friendly staff look forward to hearing from you.

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