During the past 18 months, the way in which we live has changed dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most schools have been closed at one time or another and many universities have cancelled their graduation ceremonies. Social distancing is a daily routine on the streets, however people want things to return to normal. Many people want to be able to meet up with friends and enjoy the occasional party.

Among the different types of social gatherings, bachelor parties have also been effected by the pandemic. So today we would like to provide you with a list of bachelor party ideas during covid. We will cover some fun things to do for a bachelor party and give you a few new ideas.

What is a Bachelor Party?

A bachelors party is a celebration that friends organize for someone who is about to get married. Bachelor parties can range from being laid-back to outright wild, depending on the organizer/s of the occasion. The bachelors party is an event that many soon-to-be husbands can enjoy before finally getting married.

When do you have a bachelor party? We suggest you host a bachelor party a week or so before the actual wedding day. If the bachelor party involves activities such as rock climbing, it´s best to allow the groom some time to physically recover before the wedding. Depending on the activities, sometimes it is best to hold the bachelor send-off a few weeks prior to the grand day.

Things to do for a Bachelor Party

There are lots of options available when it comes to planning a bachelor party. A nice option is to meet at a quality restaurant and enjoy delicious food and drinks with your closest friends. Some bachelor parties are held at a hotel to make use of the hotel pool, then retreat to the hotel suite. Another great choice is a weekend golf resort getaway! This type of all-inclusive bachelor party is so much fun. Other ideas for a bachelors party include bar crawl, camping, music festival, day at the races, paintball/shooting gallery, go-carting, and more.

Places to go for Bachelor Party

Perhaps the most popular option in regards to bachelor party ideas during covid is Las Vegas. The city of sin offers just about everything for everyone! We feel the best bachelor partys include a surprise or unexpected factor. A surprise guest or weekend Vegas getaway always works well.

The pandemic has forced many people to host their bachelor parties online. Virtual events can attract a large number of attendees if desired. Online events are usually inexpensive and provide an interactive experience for everyone involved. This option is a nice choice because it allows a risk-free environment that you can enjoy from home. At least you can get to see your friends face to face online. Planning a virtual bachelor party is a cool idea, however renting a luxury yacht is our top choice.

The Best Bachelor Party Ideas During Covid

What is one of the safest ways to practice social distancing and celebrate a bachelor party? Gather your closest friends, rent a private luxury yacht, and have the time of your lives.

If you enjoy the finer things in life, renting a motor yacht is among the best bachelor party ideas during covid. Start by preparing a guest list, organize some bachelor party food & drinks, and don´t forget to bring some great tunes. You can also plan the bachelor party entertainment and activities so everyone can have some fun.

If all guests are particularly careful two weeks prior to the bachelor party, the occasion can be celebrated without any concerns. With Covid regulations in place all guests can still indulge in an incredible nautical experience.

Charter Solution Luxury Yachts in Miami

If you don’t have a yacht of your own, no problem. Charter Solution can help you plan a fun-filled bachelor party during covid. We have a great range of luxury yachts and offer multiple destinations in Miami waters. Enjoy seeing Miami from a nautical point of view. Our certified crews and friendly staff will spoil your guests with VIP service.

Optional services include catering or private chef, yacht decorations, DJ, and transport to & from your chosen yacht. With so many options, renting a luxury yacht in Miami is one of the smartest bachelor party ideas during covid. You can choose from 4, 6, and 8 hour yacht rentals. We also offer weekend and multi-day rentals if you wish to travel to the Florida Keys or the Bahamas Islands. Charter Solution has a bachelor party package to suit any budget!

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