Would you like to enjoy crystal clear waters and exotic marine life? If so, we suggest you plan a trip to the Bahamas. The Bahamas has more than 700 islands among which there are keys, inlets, and tropical reefs. So get your family together and start organizing a Bimini snorkeling adventure for your next vacation.

The Bimini Islands

Settlers from the United Kingdom began visiting the islands more than 200 years ago. Although linked to history and legends, Bimini has largely managed to remain secret.

The islands had a huge impact on history, being a source of inspiration for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He wrote some speeches on the island, like his famous “I’ve been to the mountaintop” speech.

Many people plan Bimini vacations, however the islands are never overwhelmed with tourists. Progress is always being made on the Bimini Islands. There will soon be a new cruise ship dock and real estate projects are sprawling across the islands. It’s well worth putting this little Bahamian paradise on your radar!

Bimini is full of stunning beaches, rich marine life, and delicious local food. The Bimini Islands could become your next holiday destination. Why not treat your family to a Bimini snorkeling getaway.

Where is Bimini?

Bimini Islands map

Bimini actually consists of a small trio of islands in the Bahamas. It´s about 130 miles northwest of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.

I hear you asking yourself … ‘so how far is Bimini from Miami?’ The Bimini Islands are only 50 nautical miles due East of Miami. In fact, Bimini is about 10 miles closer to Miami than the start of the Florida Keys. A yacht with a 500hp engine package can travel from Miami to Bimini in around two hours. You could then spend the rest of the day exploring the best Bimini snorkeling spots.

Bimini Snorkeling Vacation

Bimini is blessed with warm temperatures throughout the year like the rest of the Bahama Islands. Expect a tropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees fahrenheit.

The islands see tourists all year-round, with the high season peaking between mid-November and late April. This is also shark season. Many dive enthusiasts visit Bimini during the high season so they can swim with sharks.

The summer months provide beautiful weather, some rain, high humidity, and occasional stormy weather. Bimini is situated along the Atlantic hurricane belt, however hurricanes are quite rare in this part of the Atlantic.

During the low season there are fewer tourists and good deals on hotels and flights. More reason to start planning a Bimini snorkeling trip. In addition to turquoise waters and sandy beaches, Bimini has the advantage of being in close proximity to the United States.

Bimini Islands Snorkeling Sites

Bimini snorkeling holiday

One of the best places to snorkel in the Bahamas is the Bimini islands. We recommend you plan a Bimini snorkeling trip so you can visit the following snorkel sites.

Turtle Rocks is a great place to view large coral formations and abundant marine life.

Round Rock is a shallow snorkel site where you can see a variety of rocks and coral.

Rainbow Reef consists of a coral ridge, is teaming with many fish species, and provides some of the best snorkeling in the Bahamas.

If you love eagle rays, don´t miss the Eagle Ray Run. You can see dozens of eagle rays swimming around in ‘jet fighter’ formations.

Stingray Hole is also a terrific place to view stingrays. They can be hand fed with fish strips if you want to get up close and personal.

Bimini Snorkeling and Other Aquatic Activities

Visitors to Bimini can enjoy a variety of water sports. The calm waters make it an ideal place for jet skiing, boating, fishing, rowing, kite surfing, diving, and snorkeling.

The surrounding mangroves offer a serene respite that can be accessed by boat or kayak. If the mangroves aren´t for you, then a Bimini snorkeling expedition at one of the popular coral reefs won´t disappoint.

Visibility below the water is amazing and marine life is abundant. In addition to swimming with sharks, other activities include feeding and swimming with stingrays, and spotting wild dolphin pods.

Bimini is an excellent site for diving and snorkeling due to its coral reefs, Bahamas shipwrecks, and unusual rock formations. Shallow reefs and the partially submerged shipwreck, the SS Sapona, are perfect for a Bimini snorkeling journey. The Gallant Lady, another shipwreck just off the coast of North Bimini, is another great reason for snorkeling in the Bahamas.

Gallant Lady shipwreck

The Turtle Wreck snorkeling area is a great place to see turtles, barracudas, sharks, and stingrays. Visit ‘Bimini Road’, a half mile underwater limestone rock formation near North Bimini Island. Some people believe the structure was manmade at some point in time.

At Bull Run, you can swim among the coral reefs with black groupers, gray angelfish, and yellowtail snapper. In Sapona, an 18-foot submerge leads to the remains of what was once a floating nightclub and liquor store. Many people see these popular sites as the best snorkeling in Bimini.

Arrive at Bimini: Bahamas Snorkelling Getaway

These islands are a hot spot for South Floridians, who take a weekend Bimini cruise using their own boats. A two hour ferry ride from Miami is another way to begin a Bimini snorkeling getaway.

Another way to reach this paradise is by taking a 30 minute seaplane flight from downtown Miami. There’s also a 45 minute commercial flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Silver Airways. If you opt for a commercial flight from Fort Lauderdale, you will land in South Bimini.

If you land in South Bimini you will need to catch the ferry to North Bimini (where the action is). Board the bus outside the main gate of the small airport. The bus will take you to the Resorts World ferry port. From there you can take a scenic ferry ride to North Bimini. There are a number of resorts in Bahamas, however, you don’t need to stay at a resort to catch this ferry.

Getting Around during your Bimini Trip

There are only a few main roads in Bimini, however they do provide access to most parts of the islands. Most locals drive cars, while tourists get around by renting golf carts, bicycles or by taking a shuttle service. Golf cart rental costs vary by season but generally range from $60 to $80 per day. Ferries run several times a day and transport visitors between the North and South islands. People also move about on jet skis and yachts.

If you need transport on the islands, we suggest you rent a golf cart or bicycle and explore the attractions found on King’s Highway. When you are walking, remember to watch out while crossing the streets!

Bimini Snorkeling Adventure

Without any doubt, this is one of the best places on the planet to snorkel and dive. We suggest you discuss the Bimini Islands with all your family members and start planning a Bimini snorkeling holiday right now. Please stay safe, hope to see you in Bimini.

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