If you are interested in renting a luxury yacht, there´s a few things you should know before making a booking. One of the most important decisions is whether to choose a captained yacht or a bareboat charter. Before making this decision, several factors to consider include yachting experience, distance to travel, and personal preferences. It’s vital to fully comprehend the differences between these two considerably different options.

Bareboat Yacht Charter

A bareboat charter involves renting a yacht which does not include captain or crew. In essence, a bareboat charter is the basic choice. The responsibility for the provision of a captain and crew belongs to the person/s renting the actual yacht. As long as you or a guest has a captains license, you can rent a bareboat charter. Obviously, you must also have all mandatory certificates, permits, and documentation proving your ability to navigate independently.

You will receive a fully operating yacht with all essential elements, such as full tank of fuel, life jackets, and communications devices. Depending on the size and make of the yacht, it may include generator, air-conditioning, ice makers, and more. Some rental companies may offer the option to add a captain, steward, and private chef.

Bareboat charter is a combination of adventure, freedom, and total privacy. Your chosen bareboat vessel gives you the opportunity to create a custom itinerary and explore wonderful new places. Luxury yachting provides the thrill of being out on the water and feeling the breeze in your hair.

Captained Yacht Hire

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Captained boat rental includes a yacht with professional team that consists of a captain and steward/s who navigate the yacht. Also known as skippered charter, captained rental is commonly associated with larger yachts that require a captain with verified expertise. A captained boat charter is perfect for those who are inexperienced and prefer to let a professional navigate the yacht.

The yacht charter company will provide you with a captain who will choose the route (according to your preferences) and navigate the yacht. Most people prefer captained charter, so they can relax and enjoy all the amenities of their chosen luxury yacht.

Captains are often selected for their nautical expertise, interpersonal skills, and navigation experience of local waters. Skippers are also a great source of information, ‘doubling’ as tour guides for you and your guests.

Advantages of Captained Yacht Rental

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– No need to acquire a boat license if you use a skipper
– Captains are very knowledgeable about local waterways and weather patterns, allowing the captain to create a safe route
– If you need recommendations for activities, sightseeing, cuisine, and other things, a skipper can assist you in planning your itinerary
– A captained yacht charter allows you and your guests to relax and have a great time aboard your chosen yacht
– In an emergency, the captain knows what measures to take to ensure a safe return to shore

The Choice is Yours

The type of rental yacht you choose all depends on whether you would like to take complete control or relax and let the captain and crew do all the hard work. Bareboat charter is ok if you have a license and plenty of experience. However most people prefer captained yacht charter.

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