If you enjoy fishing and want a real adventure, Key West shark fishing is a great option. This type of fishing is exciting and will provide you with incredible lifetime memories. Imagine spending time with your closest fishing buddies aboard a beautiful yacht in Key West waters. If Key West shark fishing is something you would like to do, we have plenty of useful information right here!

Where is Key West?

Key West is a small island located off the southern coast of Florida, United States. This beautiful island is situated in the Straits of Florida and is the western-most point of the Florida Keys. The island is the southernmost point of the United States and has a total land area of 4.2 square miles. Key West is 95 miles north of Cuba and about 130 miles southwest of Miami.

Shark Fishing Florida Keys

Besides Key West´s beautiful beaches and places of interest, the island´s surrounding waters offer an array of watersports. Fishing in general is always a popular activity for people of all ages. Most people enjoy shore fishing, however chartering a boat gives you much more flexibility. If you love the idea of capturing a giant predator, head to a known shark hangout and prepare yourself for an exciting battle.

Types of Sharks in Key West

The surrounding waters of Key West offer a variety of sharks, both in terms of species and numbers. Some popular species are Lemon Sharks, Bonnet Heads, Bull Sharks, and Black Tip among others. Lemon sharks, which approach boats among schools of fish, appear to be the most prevalent shark in this region.

Many of these sharks are solitary predators, however some sharks may be found in groups. There are occasions when lemon sharks circle boats in such numbers that it is impossible to count them all. Sharks captured by fishermen in the Key West area can weigh anywhere between 100 and 500 pounds.

Where to find the Catch of the Day?

Sharks in Key West

The majority of fisherman search for sharks near known channels and flats, where sharks tend to congregate. One of the best techniques to lure sharks is to throw blood and fresh fish pieces into the water. This technique brings sharks close to your boat.

Tackle Options

As you want to stop these predators before they run off your line, the tackle used for sharks is heavy duty. An exception is the Bonnet Head shark, which only grows to around 3 feet long. Smaller tackle can be used for this shark species. Light tackle can be used for other shark species in their adolescent phases.

Best time for Key West Shark Fishing?

The best time to visit Key West is March through May. You can enjoy optimum weather conditions this time of year. We recommend you plan ahead and make reservations so your Florida Keys shark fishing adventure goes to plan. If you would like to enjoy the excitement of Key West shark fishing, we can help you!

Key West Shark Fishing Charters

Charter Solution offer you an extensive fleet of private yachts to choose from. Our certified and experienced crews will take you to where the action is. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy VIP service during your amazing trip to Key West.

Our charter yachts depart from Miami. We recommend a 3 day charter to allow for travel time to and from Key West. If you would like to make a booking or want more information, contact us today. Call us now or fill in the yacht charter quote form below.

It´s time you got to experience Key West shark fishing. Have a great time and stay safe out on the water.

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