If you are looking for a place that clears your mind from the noise and pollution of the city, Islamorada is for you. This beautiful destination has amazing views of the mountains and offers a pleasant environment. Visitors flock to Islamorada each year to experience the famous full moon party. If you are curious about the full moon party, let’s take a brief look at its history.

History of the Full Moon Party

No one knows for sure when or how these wild parties began, however some believe they originated in Thailand. Specifically on the beaches of the Andaman Sea, around 1987 or 1988. Historically speaking, this type of party has always coincided with a farewell party.

Today, a lot of party-goers congregate each month on the sands of Islamorada for an epic revelry. The full moon party has now extended to different locations, including Sunrise Beach. The number of participants during the high season can reach 40,000, while the low season full moon party attracts 5,000.

Travel Options: Directions to Islamorada

Islamorada Florida Keys

Islamorada is located half way between Miami and Key West (on five islands in the Florida Keys). The distance from Miami to Islamorada is similar to the distance from Key West to Islamorada. You can arrive there by air, land, or sea.

For people who live outside of Florida, you can book a flight to Miami, then rent a car at MIA. From Miami International Airport you can then enjoy the road trip to Islamorada.

You could also travel to Islamorada by shuttle bus. A trip by shuttle from Miami to Islamorada will take around an hour and a half. They make scheduled stops along the route between Miami International Airport and the Florida Keys.

Another option would be to book a flight to Miami, then take a connecting flight to Key West. You can then rent a car for the trip from Key West to Islamorada.

If you love road trips, get yourself to US route 1 and keep heading south until you reach Key Largo. From there, head south west for around 25 miles and you will arrive at beautiful Islamorada.

The best alternative is to travel by sea. Experienced boaters can reach Islamorada by navigating the southern Florida coast. There´s nothing like the excitement of being aboard a private luxury yacht.

Keys Full Moon Party

Islamorada party

The full moon party Islamorada is an event that you should not miss. The Islamorada nightlife has an extra spark during full moon party celebrations. Islamorada provides a picturesque ambience and positive vibes that you and friends can really enjoy.

Apart from the full moon party, Islamorada also offers visitors other options and activities. The meals are truly exquisite, offering top quality and excellent presentation. There are also a wide variety of international cocktails for adults, and even a magic show for children. Islamorada is also an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. We suggest you grab yourself a map of Islamorada and explore every inch of this magical place.

Full Moon Party Florida Keys: When to Go?

We suggest you arrive at Islamorada a few days before the full moon party. It´s always best to plan ahead, make reservations, and secure accommodation. After all, the demand for accommodation may be huge during the high season. You should also check the full moon party Islamorada dates, as they sometimes change.

General Advice for Islamorada Moon Party

Put your belongings in a safe place and be sure to wear comfortable shoes to dance the night away! We recommend you stay with your friends during the full moon party Islamorada, particularly when you return to the hotel. If you would like to enjoy some alcoholic beverages, please don´t overdo it. Get yourself some fluorescent paint, so you and your friends can make a real night of it. You can have fun until the sun comes up if you don´t go too hard too early.

Yacht Charter to Islamorada Full Moon Party

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Enjoy Florida´s southern coastline as you travel from Miami to Islamorada aboard a private yacht. We offer VIP service and affordable prices, so what are you waiting for? This is a one-time lifetime experience that you should consider. It’s time to enjoy the full moon party Islamorada experience.

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