Have you thought about your next vacation destination? The picturesque city of Miami, Florida has something for everyone. Apart from its land-based attractions, Miami offers residents and visitors many aquatic activities. If you and your friends want to have fun in the sun, a day at a Miami sandbar is a great option!

Famous Sandbar Miami Florida

Among the numerous sandbars in Miami, Haulover Sandbar is without doubt, the most visited. A sand shoal appears at low tide and reveals a wonderful clean beach for everyone to enjoy. This popular sandbar is the ideal place to splash around in the warm Miami sun. So where is this famous sandbar located?

Haulover Sandbar Location

Haulover map

Haulover beach sandbar is located at the north end of Biscayne Bay, west of the Haulover Beach Marina. The sandbar is sandwiched between Sandspur Island (large & uninhabited island) and Haulover State Park. Haulover is south east of Oleta River State Park and north of Bal Harbor.

The main advantage of Haulover sandbar´s location is the fact that it is protected from waves. Haulover State Park (located to the east of Haulover sandbar) receives waves on its eastern side, providing the party sandbar with calm waters.

Why people like to visit Haulover

This place is specifically enjoyable for boat owners and those who wish to rent a yacht for a few hours. Some people like to camp, hold bonfires, and enjoy aquatic activities during the low tide period.

Haulover sandbar is also Miami´s best option to experience the ultimate sandbar party! Without doubt, Haulover is definitely the place to be if you like boats, alcohol, and bikini-clad women.

However, it’s not just for partygoers. Haulover sandbar is also a great place to spend quality time with your family while exploring and playing in the water. The clear, calm water, warm sunshine, and friendly people make this particular sandbar a must-visit.

food boat at Haulover sandbar

There´s also a food boat (similar to a food truck) known for its famous Haulover sandbar food items. Seafood ceviche salad is a local favorite. The Haulover food boat also supplies ice cream, popsicles, munchies, burgers, and more.

You will always find a diverse range of people having a great time at Haulover. It is one of the most popular boating places in all Miami, a popular choice among locals and visitors.

When to visit Haulover Sandbar Miami

During the week you’ll find a few moored boats, people lounging in sun chairs, and the occasional dog. It´s the perfect place to enjoy a barbeque with family and friends. Weekdays provide a much more laid-back atmosphere at the sandbar.

Weekends are quite different however. Haulover sandbar transforms into a nautical party each weekend. On the weekend hundreds of boaters visit the sandbar to enjoy music and the positive vibes. During the summer months there´s a party every weekend.

The best time to visit Haulover depends on your what you want to do. If you visit Miami with family, we recommend you spend time at Haulover during a weekday. It’s much quieter and way more relaxing. If however, you’re in Miami with friends and want to enjoy the best Miami sandbar party, definitely go on a Saturday!

How to get to Haulover Sandbar

Miami water activities

As the sandbar is distant from the surrounding shoreline, the only way to arrive there is by watercraft. People normally arrive by canoes/kayaks, jet skis, charter yachts, and personal boats. For those who don´t have a boat, yacht charter is a great option.

Best Haulover Boat Rental Choice

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