It is the perfect time of year to begin planning a corporate party for your work team. A corporate function is an event that is organized and funded by a business and/or its owner/s. Employees, managerial staff, board members, and stakeholders may attend this type of function.

When it comes to corporate party themes, there are tons of corporate party ideas to choose from. If you prefer to have somebody else plan the occasion, you can contract one of the many corporate party planners. So let´s take a look at why hosting an event such as this is a great idea.

Why Hold a Corporate Function?

The main purpose of holding an occasion like this is to bring your team together. This helps boost production and/or sales. The whole idea is to create an enjoyable atmosphere where your employees can really get to know each other.

A party like this will strengthen ties and improve motivation, which helps to provide a good working atmosphere. Your company can create a cohesive team who is always able to give 100%

Another great reason to host a party is to show gratitude towards your team and perhaps certain team members. Your employees will feel appreciated knowing that you have officially recognized their efforts.

Offering prizes and gifts to all team members is a great way to say thank you. After all, the success of your business heavily relies on the people around you!

Lastly, a corporate party will clearly set you apart from your business competitors. Many business owners choose NOT to host corporate events, which is unfortunate.

You will be able to increase production and sales by hosting a special occasion for your entire work team. Happy workers are productive workers! This will give you a nice advantage in your business sector.

Luxury Yacht – The Best Corporate Party Venue

work function aboard yacht

We at Charter Solution Yachts, provide the perfect environment for you to host a party for your employees. You can choose from our huge fleet of private luxury yachts, which are ready to cruise.

We offer all-inclusive corporate yacht charter packages to suit all budgets. You just need to send out the corporate party invitations, we will do the rest.

Our friendly staff will help you plan the yacht party of the year! You and your whole team will enjoy a unique experience aboard one of our luxury yachts. Our standard charter service includes yacht charter, certified crew, friendly staff, fuel, ice, water, and softdrinks.

We also offer the following services at additional costs, if you wish to customize your special occasion:
– Jet Charter
– Exotic Car Hire
– Ground Transport (limousine)
– Corporate Party Catering
– Beverage Service
– Yacht Decorations
– Private Chef
– Corporate Party Entertainment and/or DJ
– Masseuse

Charter Solution Yachts of Miami

corporate party
If you are searching for corporate holiday party ideas, we recommend you contact us today. Each member of your work team would love to receive an invitation to your corporate christmas party. Land-based venues are nice, however we feel the best corporate party venues are luxury yachts.

If you are interested in hosting a corporate function aboard one of our luxury yachts, fill in the charter quote form below. We will get back to you with a Free No Obligation Quote

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