If you want to celebrate your wedding in a tropical paradise, the Florida Keys just may be the perfect spot. Key Largo beach weddings are planned and enjoyed by many couples each year. A beach wedding is something quite special where many fun-filled memories can be made with family and friends.

Where is Key Largo?

The Florida Keys are located just off the southern coast of Florida in the United States. The Keys span 120 miles, the northernmost island is Key Largo, while the southernmost is Key West (excluding Dry Tortugas). Key Largo is only about an hour away from Miami and the Everglades National Park. Day trips to either of these areas is quite feasible.

Why Choose Key Largo for your Wedding?

Key Largo beach weddings are timeless events that offer a truly unique atmosphere. When we think of beach weddings, we visualize a couple on the beach against the backdrop of a setting sun. Key Largo beaches provide a surreal and romantic ambience that many soon-to-be-brides wish to experience. The island has an endless amount of vendors, scenery, and food options for all Key Largo beach weddings.

Beach Weddings Florida Keys

There are several private beaches in Key Largo you can book for your wedding. These are exclusive beaches that are not open to the general public. Coral Beach is a private estate with gardens, crystal clear water, beachfront access, and on-site accommodation. Hidden Beach is another location that can also be booked exclusively. This beach offers an on-site beach house for wedding party members and guests. Key Largo lighthouse beach is also another great option for Florida Keys weddings.

Another of the popular Florida beach weddings venues is Baker’s Kay Resort. This amazing place offers a beach AND a natural forest backdrop for Key Largo beach weddings. This resort is located on a fifteen acre nature sanctuary and offers green forests, nature trails, and sandy beaches.

How to get to Key Largo

If you are interested in planning a Florida Keys wedding, there are several ways you can arrive at Key Largo. People who live outside of Florida usually fly to Miami then drive down to the Florida Keys. The drive from Miami to Key Largo usually takes an hour or more. There are also shuttle buses available that regularly take passengers to the Keys from Miami.

If you and your partner are in the mood for a true adventure, you can also arrive by sea. We at Charter Solution offer our clients a huge range of luxury motor yachts, friendly staff, and certified, experienced crews. You and your guests will be picked up in Miami and taken on a round trip to Key Largo on one of our beautiful yachts. Our staff and crew will spoil you with VIP service during your nautical adventure to and from Key Largo. Your wedding party can have the time of their lives aboard a private luxury yacht. Imagine the unforgettable memories with your family and friends!

Like other clients who have enjoyed Key Largo beach weddings, call our friendly staff for more information. We can help you start planning the wedding of the year!

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