Lazzara Yachts is a family business with more than 50 years of experience in building luxury speed boats. Their commitment is to build yachts of exceptional quality that set the industry standard for innovation. Lazzara also aim to provide the highest level of customer service and support for their clients.

More than fifty years of experience and three generations support the Lazzara Yachts company. Like other motor yacht manufacturers, Lazzara decided to establish their shipyard in Tampa, Florida. The Lazzara luxury yacht group consists of around 300 people who work with a single purpose; ‘Perfection’. The limited amount of yachts made each year are developed under a very meticulous and careful process.

Lazzara Yachts have never focused on building an excessive amount of models, like some luxury yacht companies. Yacht production from Lazzara yachts has always been limited, creating exclusivity. So let’s take a brief look at the history behind this company.

History behind Lazzara Boats

custom yachts from Lazzara

Lazzara Yachts was founded in 1990 thanks to the efforts of Vince Lazzara, a chemical engineer from Chicago. The company heritage began in 1955 when Vince Lazzara decided to build a composite yacht. He actually built the yacht for himself. Once completed, Vince´s yacht was the largest fiberglass yacht ever built at that time.

He started his own company called ‘Columbia Yachts’, whose aim was to build fiberglass sailboats. Eventually, Columbia Yachts became the world´s largest fiberglass sailboat manufacturer.

Vince sold Columbia in the late 1960s and moved to Florida to start Gulfstar Yachts. Gulfstar began building power and sailboats, and soon became well-known for their design and high quality workmanship.

In the next 20 years, the transition from sailboats to motor yachts was strengthened with the support of Vince’s sons Dick and Brad. Eventually the revolutionary LSX product line was introduced in 2006.

stateroom of Lazzara yachts

Lazzara Yachts presented its most recent creations at the 2006 Miami Boat Show. They displayed 84ft, 74ft, and 64ft open motor yachts. During that Miami Boat Show Dick Lazzara was quoted as saying “We don’t sell yachts, we adopt families”. Besides their ‘family expansion’, Lazzara´s Tampa, Florida shipyard also provide clients with many customizations.

Lazzara Custom Yachts

The Lazzara yacht company is known for its innovation and supplying high quality products. Clients have the option to customize their sport yachts during the manufacturing process. Lazzara also offer plenty of options & accessories for pre-owned yacht owners. These are the famous Lazzara custom yachts.

Lazzara Design

salon of Lazzara boats

Their yachts range in size from 28 feet to 125 feet. Their boat hull types include semi-displacement, modified, and deep vee. Lazzara Yachts are generally used for traditional, time-honored adventures such as overnight cruising.

Designs have become more global in recent years. That is to say, the European designs were more contemporary. Years ago, the yacht interiors were not exactly what the North American public wanted. These yachts came with very spacious interiors, however the exterior designs were not so stylish.

Generally speaking, the American public seek more exterior space and functionality. In such a competitive market, it´s imperative to ‘stay ahead of the pack’. The globalization of design makes competition very tough for all shipyards.

Lazzara Yachts For Sale

Lazzara yachts prices vary quite a bit. You can find a used Aura 28 Tournament for about USD180,000. If you prefer a larger sport yacht, like a 1997 Lazzara 80ft motor yacht, then you will need around USD950,000. At the end of the day, it all depends on you and what you want.
One thing is guaranteed. You will always receive a top quality luxury speed boat from Lazzara Yachts.

Rent a Lazzara Yacht in Miami

flybridge of Lazzara sport yacht

Lazzara Yachts has taken the industry by storm with its young fleet of sleek and fast boats. Their yacht models attract some of the most prominent buyers from around the world. Boat enthusiasts know, that when you purchase from Lazzara Yachts, you are buying from the best.

Lazzara Yachts are preferred above other brands due to their design, innovation, and exclusivity. Every Lazzara yacht is unique in its own special way, something that customers love about the brand. The feeling of being inside a luxurious environment is priceless, you won’t be disappointed!

If you would like to ‘try before you buy’, we recommend you rent a Lazzara yacht for a few hours. We have various Lazzara yachts ready for charter and offer you 4 hour, 8 hour, and multi-day yacht charter. Please fill in the Yacht Charter Quote form below. We will gladly provide you with a Free, no-obligation quote. See you out on the water!

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