Owning or renting a private yacht has many advantages in life. Yacht getaways give us the chance to share valuable time with family and friends.

Motor yachts are versatile in regards to how and when we use them. Some examples: a romantic getaway, small family reunion, party with friends, work meeting, wedding celebration, and more.

If you are looking for a brand that produces comfortable, stylish, hi-performance motor yachts, then Mangusta Yachts is for you. The Mangusta brand represents innovation, elegance, and high quality.

With overall lengths of 72ft-165ft and speeds above 50 knots, Mangusta yachts are considered to be among the best Italian boat manufacturers. Mangusta is a nice choice for first-time buyers and for those who are looking to upgrade their current yacht.

Mangusta yachts 130ft

Image of Mangusta 130 courtesy of mangustayachts.com

Generally speaking, any Mangusta yacht model will satisfy your needs. So who are Mangusta yachts and where are their yachts built?

History of the Mangusta Yachts Brand

Mangusta Yachts was established back in 1985 by the Balducci family, and is a relatively new player in the yachting world. The Italian boat builder is strongly backed by the Overmarine Group, which produces peacekeeping and coastguard ships.

Mangusta yacht models are actually built at the Overmarine shipyard, which is based in Viareggio, Italy. With decades of marine experience, each vessel is delivered with beautiful design, innovation, and high quality workmanship. Mangusta blends custom-made comfort with contemporary design, paying attention to all construction details.

Popular Mangusta Yacht Models

Mangusta yacht 165

Image of Mangusta 165 courtesy of mangustayachts.com

One of the top picks is the Mangusta 80, a luxurious and popular superyacht which combines a high-quality design with extraordinary power and speed. Another popular model is the Mangusta 108 motor yacht. She provides plenty of space and accommodates up to 8 overnight passengers. This 112ft luxury yacht is powered by twin MTU 2775hp engines which utilize jet drives. She can cruise at 30 knots and has a top speed of 35 knots.

Mangusta also produce larger models such as the Mangusta 130. This ocean beast accommodates 11 passengers in five cabins and 6 crew in three cabins. Her hull and superstructure are made from singleskin composite and sandwich composite respectively. Triple MTU 2600hp engines and three Kamewa waterjets provide a cruise speed of 30 knots and a top speed of 35 knots.

Then we have the mighty Mangusta 165. This luxury superyacht is equipped with everything you need to travel at sea for weeks. This incredible yacht features the work of designer Andrea Bacigalupo, the Rodriguez Group, and the Overmarine Group. The Mangusta 165 is an exceptional example of Italian yachts. Propulsion comes from four MTU 2600hp engines and four Kamewa waterjets. Cruise and top speeds are 30 knots and 35 knots respectively. The 165ft Mangusta can accommodate up to 12 passengers in six cabins and 9 crew in five cabins. Ready to buy? Let´s take a look at Mangusta yachts for sale.

Mangustas For Sale

We performed a quick internet search using the phrase ‘Mangusta for sale’ and came across a variety of results.

Previously owned Mangusta 80s are currently selling for anywhere between USD$355,000 (1998 model) and USD$4,000,000 (2019 model).

Pre-owned Mangusta 130s are priced between USD$4,000,000 and USD$9,000,000 (2006 to 2009 year models).

Lastly, a mighty 165ft Mangusta can be purchased for anywhere between USD$14,000,000 and USD$16,500,000 (2007 to 2011 year models).

If you would like to try-before-you-buy, you can easily rent a Mangusta luxury yacht in Miami.

Charter Solution´s Mangusta Yachts

Mangusta yacht 104

charter a Mangusta yacht in Miami

We have three Mangusta yachts that are available for 4hr, 6hr, and 8hr rental. Simply gather some friends, split the rental costs, and have some fun on board one of our luxury Mangusta yachts.

Our crew will take you to multiple destinations within Miami´s intracoastal waters. As optional extras, we offer private chef or catering, DJ, yacht decorations, transport to and from our yachts, and more!

We would love to hear from you … so call us now for information and pricing. This is your chance to relax and enjoy pure indulgence aboard one of Charter Solution´s private Mangusta yachts.

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