Marquis Yachts

Marquis Yachts has established itself as one of the popular yacht brands among boating enthusiasts around the world.. Their popularity has grown due to factors such as aggressive design, attention to detail, and their capacity to entertain guests.

The Marquis manufacturing line solely focus on the production of luxury motor yachts. So let´s take a closer look at where it all began for the Marquis brand.

History of Marquis Yachts

Marquis yachts was founded back in 2004 when it became a division of Carver Yachts (based in Wisconsin, USA). Consequently, the ’59 Pilothouse’ was the first model off the production line that very same year.

The parent company (Genmar) declared bankruptcy in 2009 as a result of the 2007-2009 recession. In 2010 an additional 150 employees were hired, capital was injected into the company, and Carver Yachts was totally restructured.

Some time later, Carver Yachts was acquired by the Marquis-Larson boat group. In January 2019 the Marquis-Larson boat group was then aquired by Polaris Industries, based in Medina, USA. As a result, the Marquis-Larson production facilities were moved to Syracuse, Indiana.

Design Overview

The resin-infused hulls on offer are semi-displacement, displacement, modified vee, and deep vee. The large draft and wide beam, above all, make Marquis yachts the perfect choice for day and overnight cruising. Engine packages for Marquis yachts range from 435hp engines all the way up to 3352hp engines. The average engine size is 1455hp.

Styling and the interior layout of Marquis yachts was originally designed by Nuvolari-Leonard, a specialist Italian design team. Therefore each Marquis yacht is meticulously engineered to provide a superior yachting experience.

Marquis boats are designed to entertain with their generous seating and sunbathing areas. The latest M42 Marquis boat has U-shaped seating on the starboard side for eight adults, along with a large fixed table. In addition there is a large, aft-facing sunbed for guests who wish to get some sun!

Marquis Yacht Models

The Marquis 59 Pilothouse was the first model ever produced by Marquis yachts and was offered to the public in 2004. Production was then focused on a slightly larger motor yacht at 65ft long.

As a result, more than one hundred 65ft yachts were manufactured between 2005 and 2008 at the Pulaski site in Wisconsin. There are currently more than ten different models on offer that range from 42ft up to 72ft.

Popular Marquis Models

Model variants include Fly, Fly Bridge, LS, Sport Bridge, Sport Coupe, and Tri-Deck. Some of the most popular Marquis models are the 420 Sport Bridge, 500 Sport Coupe, 59, 65, and the M42

Marquis Yachts For Sale

Used Marquis yachts currently range from USD359,000 to around USD2,100,000. A simple internet search for ‘Marquis boats for sale’ will provide you with a nice list of websites. Prefer to be more specific? Try searching for something like ‘Marquis 660 sport yacht price’ or ‘Marquis 720 tri deck price’.

Rent a Marquis this Weekend

There are well over five hundred Marquis luxury yachts currently cruising the waters of the world. You will see these luxury yachts on rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans.

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