Luxury doesn’t have to be a material component, it can be something abstract that creates a feeling of exclusivity. Miami private tours of places such as Biscayne Bay are a great way to see everything from a nautical viewpoint.

A yacht cruise on Biscayne Bay delivers that very sense of luxury to both visitors and residents of Miami. Imagine a 4hr or 8hr private boat ride on Biscayne Bay. Your family and friends can enjoy some time aboard a beautiful luxury yacht. That is the essence of what Biscayne Bay has to offer!

The Heartbeat of Miami

Biscayne Bay is one of those places where you can literally feel the positive energy. There are always assorted activities on offer, such as jet ski hire, kayak tours, and private boat tours.

If you are reading this article from abroad you may ask yourself, where exactly is Biscayne Bay? It lies between the Miami Beach barrier island and the Miami mainland.

Biscayne Bay was actually named after Bizkaia Bay of the Canary Islands in Spain. Back in the first decades of the 20th century, the bay was a very active port. Nowadays the bay area is home to activities like aquatic sports, boating, and Miami private tours and cruises.

Upward Trend for Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay is perfect for people that look for a place with real charm, fresh air and rich marine life. Miami offers both infrastructure and services for its popular bay area. Various companies in the bay area offer Miami private tours so visitors to Miami can get to know Biscayne Bay.

In this sense Biscayne Bay Miami attracts many tourists and residents alike. This welcoming city offers many benefits for both residents and visitors. High quality of life, peaceful environment, and low crime rate, are just some of the benefits to enjoy.

Some of the city´s residents chose to live in Miami after they enjoyed one or more of the activities on offer. The city of Miami, and in particular Biscayne Bay, has a way of captivating people. Visitors are encouraged to have fun, and in turn, contribute to the growth of the local economy.

The Essence of Marine Life – an Intangible Value

In 2005 the city launched a conceptual ecological model to help sustain the tourism industry. Cruise and charter companies were encouraged to help protect the living heritage of Biscayne Bay. The majority of people who visit Miami to relax and enjoy a serene atmosphere, often visit Miami´s bay area.

The calm turquoise waters let you contemplate the very essence of marine life found within the bay. Miami VIP tours by private yacht charter is the perfect way to view Biscayne Bay´s marine life.

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Miami Private Tours and Other Activities

Miami offers a wide variety of things to see and do. One of the favorite activities in Biscayne Bay is to sail a boat or cruise in a yacht. This is the ideal activity to enjoy the warmth of the Miami sun and feel the gentle ocean breeze.

Miami private tours on a motor yacht can take you to the best viewpoints of the bay. From a charter yacht you can see Miami´s skyline, Fisher Island, and Millionaire’s Row (homes of the rich and famous).

If you are an active person by nature, extreme activities and adventure always make you feel alive. Hiring a jet ski is great fun and even better if you organize a group of friends for this activity.

Charter companies such as our own (Charter Solution Yachts) offer private Miami tours and jet ski services for half day or full day. We make it easy for you to rent a charter yacht, by far, the most comfortable cruise experience.

You may associate Biscayne Bay as a ‘sleepy hollow’, but as you can see, there is always plenty of action. Many agree that the bay area is a remarkable place to enjoy their free time. With amenities like fishing clubs and sailing clubs, Biscayne Bay is ideal for all family members, from kids to seniors.

Besides a bay cruise, private charter yachts will take you to destinations from North Miami to the Florida Keys. People can get to enjoy sport fishing and angling, or just relax and enjoy the calm ocean breeze. One of our Miami private tours will allow you to have the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop!

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COVID-19 Regulations for Yacht Charter

Recently, county authorities permitted the restart of industry activities in the area despite the threat of covid-19. Charter companies who offer Miami private tours are accountable for the safety of their guests and crews.

We recommend you book in advance and limit your group size to the maximum passenger size allowed. Charter Solution abide by regulations such as social distancing of 3 feet between crew and guests, and the use of masks & hand sanitizers at the moment of boarding and on board. We adopted these measures to reduce further spread of covid-19 and provide the best cruise experience for our guests.

If you are interested in one of our Miami private tours, we invite you to follow all rules & regulations. After all, covid regulations have been put in place for your own personal safety and that of your family.

More Acuatic Activities in the Bay Area

From the northernmost tip of Miami to the Rickenbacker Causeway, the majority of this zone is for public use. This is where the central section of Biscayne Bay meets the northern boundary of Biscayne National Park. Some companies provide kayak hire services Within this zone, which is ideal for families with kids.

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Imagine how much fun you can have with your family, heading out on a two hour kayak eco-tour. A kayak tour like this helps keep your children active and gets them involved with the local ecosystem.

Our Miami private boat tours can also take you to the pristine waters of the northern protected basin. This area is popular to snorkel and scuba dive, activities which can accompany one of our 8hr Miami private tours.

The Vibrant City of Miami

This vibrant city reminds you that there is more than just aquatic activities on offer while you are in Miami. If you prefer activities other than water sports, there are tennis courts and golf clubs in the Biscayne Bay area.

We can take you to the Wynwood district where you can experience art and enjoy a rich variety of cultural expositions from international renowned artists. If you love fashion, South Beach has inviting stores which offer new collections from the avant garde. Famous luxury malls also seduce tourists and locals passionate for shopping.

After a brief shopping spree, the pulse of Miami´s nightlife will call upon you. Looking gorgeous with fresh sun tan and the beautiful outfit you bought earlier, Miami´s dance cruises are a nice option. Dance cruises are an excellent option available in Miami Bayside Marina Marketplace and offer irresistible value.

If you feel hungry after all this activity, Biscayne Bay has plenty of gastronomic options to choose from. From Ferran Adria’s molecular gastronomy (that redefines cooking to small coffee shops) to Gaston Acurio’s exquisite fusion food. For a casual eating experience, food trucks scattered along the bay area of Miami offer something for everyone. Bon Appetit!

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What Lies Beyond Biscayne Bay?

Our Miami private tours can take you to Coral Gables. This glamorous city offers a sophisticated ambience for people with exquisite taste. There you will see majestic properties and fine architecture with that ancient Mediterranean touch.

If you prefer a more bohemian ambience, you can visit Coconut Grove via one of our Miami private tours. The Vizcaya Museum, Garden, and its walkways make you feel like you are walking through the garden of Eden itself.

First-timers to Biscayne Bay

Your first visit to the Biscayne Bay area is exciting, as there is always so much to see and do. If you want to visit Miami´s beautiful bay area, remember to plan ahead. Specially during holidays and major sports/cultural events. There might be an increase in the demand of services, depending on the season. Therefore, make sure to book ahead and double check your reservations!

For yacht charter, speed boat hire, or amphibious package rental, be sure to double check boarding times and departures. We always recommend arriving at the place of departure at least 30 minutes ahead of time. This gives operators time to hand out boarding passes.

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