The Miami River Florida is a 5.5 mile river that runs from the Miami Canal to Biscayne Bay. The river passes through the heart of greater downtown Miami and into the stunning blue waters of Biscayne Bay.

Although cargo ships and small vessels navigate the river, the surrounding area and Biscayne Bay have been revitalized by development. Many luxury residential complexes border the banks of the Miami River, with more ultra-luxe condo skyscrapers on the horizon. This development is creating a positive and exciting outlook for the Miami riverfront.

The Miami River District’s evolution and transformation are primarily pedestrian-oriented. The area is a magnet for all types of entertainment and activities. This river zone provides a kind of lifestyle with all essential utilities, parks, and water taxis for commuting. Miami River Florida is a highly appealing urban riverfront neighborhood in the heart of the city.

Brief History

The Tequestas were the first known occupants of the region surrounding the Miami River. At the first European encounter, they settled mainly on the north side of the river. The Tequesta erected mounds along the river before the city of Miami was heavily developed in the twentieth century.

Spanish missions were temporarily erected along the river in 1567–70 and 1743. However, the region was vacated when Florida was transferred from Spain to the UK in 1765. The area around the Miami River then drew inhabitants throughout the nineteenth century.

In 1856, the US Army attempted to construct a canal through the sandbar near the river’s mouth. However, the project was abandoned after discovering that Fort Dallas would only be temporary.

Commercial Use of Miami River Florida

There are several small cargo terminals on the Miami River that have long been used by smaller boats. They are primarily for ports in the Bahamas and different Caribbean nations.

Various corporate companies along the river created the Miami River Marine Group after finding they shared mutual interests. The organization works closely with local law enforcement agencies, the US Coast Guard, ICE, and others.

Contraband goods have been brought into the US via the Miami river over the years. However, the illegal trade has been reduced thanks to continued operations by the US Coast Guard, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), DEA, and other agencies.

The river currently functions as a single port with various port facilities and support organizations. Some of these include agents, consultants, engineers, surveyors, and machinery maintenance companies.

Some of the Haitian ports that ships travel to from Miami River Florida are Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, and Gonaives. Most of the cargo includes dry commodities like beans & rice, tinned products, clothes, household items & appliances, second-hand vehicles, trucks, and buses.

The Miami Riverwalk

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The Miami Riverwalk is a popular pedestrian promenade in Miami´s downtown area. It stretches from north of Miami River to Biscayne Bay. The pedestrian promenade starts from Bayfront Park and extends to one block from the South West 2nd Street bridge.

Anyone seeking to take a walk and unwind will appreciate this well-kept, tree-lined pathway. You can totally relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the water city center. Most visitors spend an hour or so in the region, however walking the length of the trail takes less time.

The Miami Riverwalk is surrounded by breathtaking beauty in almost every direction. The riverwalk runs through the heart of the city, allowing you to observe the city’s skyscrapers. The walk is lined by palm palms, as are many of Miami’s finest neighborhoods.

There are also several attractions in the region. The Brickell Centre shopping center includes various boutiques and restaurants, all of which are conveniently located along the riverwalk.

Access to the riverwalk is completely free, making it an ideal place for visitors on a budget. Numerous events are conducted across the city all year round, so check Miami´s activities schedule before visiting.

Reasons to Visit the Miami River Florida

Here are a few more reasons why you should visit Miami River Florida:

– Take pictures from different vantage points over the river from the bridges.
– Relax and unwind while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the river.
– Shop at numerous boutiques, and dine at one of the cafés and restaurants.
– See/visit live entertainment and/or restaurants like Garcia’s, Seaspice, and River Yacht Club.

Luxury Yacht Cruise Miami River Florida

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