For the majority of us luxury motor yachts are considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Currently, the most luxurious yachts are owned by Russian royals and billionaires. Some people invest in a house, others in cars, however there are also those who dream of owning a luxury yacht.

For many of the rich and famous luxury yachts are simply another way to entertain friends and family. Billionaires spend millions of euros to create spectacular floating mansions that most of us can only dream of. Some luxury yachts have huge swimming pools, hot tubs, and even helipads. These maritime gems have fascinating interiors with suites and deluxe lounges. Length, passenger capacity, cruise speed, and materials used, are all factors that make each of these motor yachts unique.

Here in this article, we will cover Monte Carlo yachts, a newly introduced brand that is changing the market. Monte Carlo is a pioneer project in the world of luxury yachts, with a strong Italian vibe in character. Monte Carlo is backed by the industrial strength of the French Beneteau Group.

The company’s vision is to restore luxury to its value. The value of time, style, elegance, space, responsibility, and absolute quality for their customers. It is for this reason that the Monte Carlo Yacht company (founded in 2008) is dedicated to the manufacture of timeless luxury yachts. Monte Carlo boats are breaking new ground as they continue to strengthen their brand.

Where are their yachts built?

The Monte Carlo shipyard is located in Monfalcone, Italy. The company has introduced an exclusive naval architecture with modular design inspired by Lean Manufacturing concepts. This design allows for increased efficiency while significantly reducing construction time, making their yachts much more dynamic. This one-of-a-kind method is paired with an innovative naval architecture that sets their yachts apart from the competition.

Monte Carlo 65 salonMonte Carlo 65 upper deck

Their yachts provide exceptional performance, high quality finish, and offer many customization possibilities. Monte Carlo Yachts are designed and constructed to withstand the test of time and to outlast passing trends. They are creative and unique timeless classics designed today, to cruise far into the future.

What makes the Brand so popular?

Monte Carlo yachts have been honored with prestigious awards for their product creation and design. The brand understands that accountability, sustainability and character are highly important. Monte Carlo Yachts takes on the challenge of making the best representation of luxury today, able to last through the years.

Popular Monte Carlo Models

One of the best models is the Monte Carlo 76, an embodiment of the first gen Monte Carlo product line. At 76 foot long, this model offers increased customization opportunities without sacrificing style. The Monte Carlo interior offers greater exposure to natural light thanks to the wider windows that offer great views of the ocean. The exterior lines of the 76 are sleeker than ever, inspired by the larger Monte Carlo models.

Then we have the 70 model, designed by Nuvolari Lenard, emphasizing the yacht’s position as a home away from home. This model pays special attention to larger interior volumes and expanded outdoor entertainment areas. Shaped bulwarks improve the quality of light and space across the main deck, with new portholes and windows. The design allows easy visual access to the ocean and the outdoors.

Another yacht designed by the Nuvolari Lenard team is the 66 Monte Carlo. This yacht has the familiar profile and iconic structure that the Monte Carlo brand is famous for. She has sleeker lines and a more harmonious form, achieved by the use of creative elements and the evolution of craftsmanship. If you would like to enjoy time aboard any Monte Carlo yacht, you could always buy your very own.

Monte Carlo Yachts For Sale

Monte Carlo 65 sun bedsMonte Carlo 65 head

Depending on your own personal needs, the company offer a variety of yachts to choose from. Pre-owned 66 models cost around USD$1,500,000 while 70 models usually start from around USD$2,000,000. A 76 model built in 2020 will cost you close to USD$5,000,000

You can also do a google search for phrases like: Monte Carlo yachts 105, Monte Carlo yachts 86, and Monte Carlo yachts 65. No matter which model you like best, you will always receive a top quality vessel from Monte Carlo yachts.


Monte Carlo yachts have managed to position their 65-105ft range of boats at a very high and respected level in the community. The acclaimed Nuvolari Lenard design team bring love for beauty and style to the Monte Carlo collection. This company has been a total game-changer within the industry and has quickly become a popular brand among yacht enthusiasts.

Take a look at a Monte Carlo specs sheet today. Don´t just take our word for it, go try a Monte Carlo for yourself. If buying one of these amazing yachts is out of your reach, you can still enjoy some time aboard a Monte Carlo yacht.

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