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When a special day approaches and you want to celebrate in style, a party yacht rental is a great option. A luxury dream party of this caliber is the perfect way for you and your loved ones to celebrate. Mark your special event as a cherished and unforgettable experience.

A dream party aboard a yacht will set you apart from your friends and grab people´s attention. After reading this article you’ll discover that renting a luxury yacht for a party is a great idea. It´s much more exciting than hiring a land-based venue like everyone else does.

Your occasion may consist of an intimate group of 10 or be a company celebrating its anniversary with 500 employees. Celebrating a party aboard a luxury yacht in Miami is a unique idea. A party like this will create lifetime memories that none of your guests will ever forget.

You could take charge of your event by searching for ‘party yacht rental Miami’ online or contract an event planner. Experts in this field have party yacht rental at the top of their lists (in regards to non–traditional venues).

Planning for a Yacht Party

Once you have a general vision for your event, it´s time to start planning. Party yacht rentals are perfect for occasions such as: dinner, birthday, bar mitzvah, bachelorette party, wedding, graduation, or corporate event.

If you contract a party planner, it´s important that they understand your vision, so they can physically create your vision. The best yacht charter businesses will usually help you plan your special event to some degree. In Miami, charter companies who offer party yachts for rent, have large selections of professionally crewed luxury yachts.

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Yacht Charter Companies

The initial point of contact for information regarding party yacht rental can be made by phone or email. It´s necessary to find out if the yacht rental business you wish to contract can provide everything you need.

During the initial phone call to the party yacht rental service, ask the sales assistant to send you some information. They should be able to provide you with some basic information regarding their services. Many charter companies offer numerous packages, optional services, and other specialties.

You need to analize the services they offer while remaining focused on your budget and overall vision of the party. You can select a few different services to compare yacht rental prices, then choose the one that best meets your needs. The party yacht rental company who can provide you with everything you need, will make all the difference!

If the specific boat rental in Miami is available for your chosen date, take action. Kindly ask the charter company if they can save the date on their calendar, and organize an appointment with them.

What´s Included in a Yacht Charter?

When communicating with yacht charter companies there are a few things you need to confirm from the beginning, such as:
– departure location
– places where you will cruise
– the duration of the charter
– if the yacht is able to make some stops
– whether the party yacht has water toys
– and of course, payment options

The party yacht rental assistant will offer you suitable yachts, so you can choose the best yacht for your party!

Without doubt, yacht size matters, however there are also other things to consider. From a 60′ Sea Ray for a private yacht party to a 400′ luxury mega yacht for a corporate retreat in Miami, there are yachts for all events and occasions.

Some party yacht charters may include catering, bar service, transportation, hotel rooms, professional entertainment, signage, décor, flowers, you name it! Party yacht rental packages like this can be expensive, however it all depends on your budget.

The majority of yacht charter services offer charter, staff & crew, soft drinks, ice, water, and fuel at idle speed. These packages are very affordable and are priced for the majority of the population.

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Chartering a Yacht in Miami

Southern Florida, and in particular Miami, offers the finest luxury party yachts. From Miami, party boats travel to destinations like Biscayne Bay, South Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas! Party yacht rental prices can vary dramatically, the final price depends on the destination and the duration of the charter.

To rent a yacht for a party, as you can visualize, is a totally unique idea. Maybe you would like to charter a yacht for a fishing tournament? Perhaps, you and your friends want to do some snorkeling or use water toys and jet skis? Everything is possible! Allow your imagination to run wild and let the party yacht rental occasion evolve into the event of the year!

The truth is that there’s no better way to relax than spending time aboard a luxury yacht charter. Distant from all worries, you can experience breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying the taste of a cocktail.

Are you from another city than Miami? Your special occasion can become the vacation of a lifetime if you decide to plan a yacht party in Miami. With Miami´s stunning views and picture-perfect skyline, this welcoming city provides the ideal backdrop for any boat enthusiast.

Luxury parties on yachts in Miami are one of our favorite pastimes. If we can claim our very own ‘know how’ in Miami, it must be: we know how to party! So, if partying is your business, you need to think about delivering the greatest experience for your family & friends.

Contact a reputable party yacht rental company (like us here at Charter Solution) and let us attend to your guests. As you begin to plan your party on a yacht, you can focus on details like a yacht party theme.

Party Themes for Your Occasion

A party theme gives the occasion a unique feel, no matter if the event is during the day or night. The party yacht rental doesn´t need to be an occasion to celebrate, you could hold a charity event for example. Themes can go from the traditional Hawaiian, Pirate, Masquerade Ball, Casino Royale, or perhaps something more unusual.

How about Dinosaurs on a Fantasy Island? Or maybe an International Art Gala? You can definitely take the theme of your party to extravagant levels! Just imagine a 50 Shades of Gray theme with all kinds of rare and exquisite indulgences.

Be Organized

Planning and organizing a party yacht rental in Miami is not an activity most people are familiar with. However, nowadays the trend of renting a luxury yacht is growing due to the easy access to yacht rentals.

If you are still a first timer, we can give you some important things to keep in mind. During holidays, and depending on the season, there may be an increased demand for services such as yacht rental. We recommend that you book ahead and double check reservations, especially when you rent smaller boats or other aquatic amenities.

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What to wear to a yacht party?

A proper outfit is essential if you wish to enjoy the experience of partying on a luxury yacht. For day charters, especially during summer, the general consensus is ‘less is more’. Your party yacht rental invitation will usually provides a clue to dress code.

The party yacht rental planner or person organizing the occasion will normally recommend a casual chic dress code. If you have any doubt, your host will guide you.

The decision on what to wear will depend on factors such as the season and the hour of the event. Sunscreen for summer and maybe a wind breaker for winter. Preference for light colors and nautical style is always a safe bet for yacht charter parties.

The formality of the event also plays a factor in what to wear to a party aboard a rental yacht. If you are invited to a wedding, women are advised to choose a comfortable gown and kitten heels, or maybe a nice pair of sandals (a safer option aboard a yacht). Women can choose to wear a loose dress, a knee-length summer dress, or an off-the-shoulder maxi dress.

Guys should opt for light materials such as cotton or linen shirts. Silk is a very elegant choice too, paired with slim-cut, tailored white cotton shorts. A great option for guys attending a nautical corporate event, would be a nicely pressed pair of khakis.

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Long-sleeved shirts are a smart choice, as you can roll sleeves up during the day and down at night. Aviators are a must for men, navy style is easy for the guys. Best to avoid the use of black soles, as these can leave nasty marks on yacht flooring.

You can also choose to experiment with various accessories. Statement shades are welcome, however avoid expensive jewelry that could get damaged by sea spray. The idea is to be comfortable so you can relax and enjoy the charter and the beautiful sea views.

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