Today we will take a closer look at Pershing motor yachts, one of the best luxury yacht brands in the industry. Pershing is one of the most popular Italian yacht brands, who seek to combine useful design with absolute luxury. The company is persistent to provide its clients with the best possible product on the market.

For three decades Pershing yachts has brought together high quality craftsmanship and technology. The result, extraordinarily fast and comfortable motor yachts. A new era among yacht manufacturers has arrived.

The company and all its team members are highly focused and release many quality yacht models each year. Pershing have developed lots of improvements over the past few years, always looking to innovate. Without any doubt, this luxury yacht group have steadliy improved their designs and performance. So let´s take a brief look at the history of Pershing yachts. It all started back in 1981 …

Pershing Yachts History

rear deck Pershing yachts 80

Pershing yachts was founded by Fausto Filippetti, Giuliano Onori, and Tilli Antonelli with their first shipyard Cantiere Navale dell’Adriatico. In 1985 the three Italian entrepreneurs succeeded with the company’s biggest accomplishment at that time. Pershing collaborated with designer Fulvio De Simoni to produce their first yacht model, the well-known Pershing 45. Then in 1988 the Ferretti group acquired the Pershing yachts company, allowing Pershing to increase their work capacity and size with the additional funds.

For the next two decades Pershing continued to make amazing motor yachts. If you wanted a sport yacht or luxury yacht, Pershing had plenty of models to choose from. Later in 2012, the Ferretti Group was acquired by Weichan Group. Weichan bought a 75% share in the Ferretti group (which included Pershing yachts). During these changes, Pershing continued to build some beautiful yachts and reinforced their place within the industry. For the last decade Pershing have built and released many yacht models. So let´s take a look at some of their most popular models.

Popular Pershing Yacht Models

Over the years the company has released many different models such as the Pershing yachts 62. This yacht has a beautiful design and is able to reach a top speed of 48 knots. Then we have the Pershing yachts 88. This yacht is 88ft long (26.9m), features sleek lines, stunning metallic paint, and accommodates 8 people. Another beautiful boat we should mention is the Pershing yachts 82. She is around 80ft long, 18ft wide, and also features impeccable craftsmanship.

The Pershing 140 Super Yacht

Pershing yachts 140

Image Courtesy of Pershing Yachts

One of the best models released by the company is the Pershing 140. This is the first aluminium yacht built by the shipyard and is now the brand’s new flagship. This vessel is the result of a collaboration between architect Fulvio De Simoni and engineer Piero Ferrari.

Built in Ancora (Italy), this 140ft mega yacht is very impressive, featuring three huge decks. Designers and engineers had just one premise in order to bring the 140 to life: to preserve the performance of a large yacht. The high quality hull was specifically designed to exhibit excellent hydrodynamic capabilities at high speeds.

Propulsion is supplied by four MTU 16V2000 M96L engines (2635hp each) to achieve a maximum speed of 38 knots. The Pershing 140 is not only the brand’s first superyacht, it is also the first model to feature a raised cockpit. The cockpit is directly connected to the upper deck, the first in which the pilot has a reserved space on the main deck.

Exterior lines of this yacht are elegant and sporty, and are reinforced by the steel grille at the bow. Definitely a boat with unique character and improved aerodynamics. By far, one of the best creations from Pershing. The Pershing 140 falls into the super yacht category, where size is only limited by the capacity of a customer’s wallet!

Why Pershing Yachts are so Popular

salon of Pershing 80

People love Pershing yachts because of their world class quality and amazing performance. These yachts have many positive aspects, from their beautiful designs to their unique styling and features.

For those of us who are not able to aquire a super yacht, we can always enjoy nautical luxury on a smaller scale. As we mentioned earlier, Pershing yachts come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit most people´s needs. If your bank balance restricts you from buying your very own Pershing yacht, you can always rent a Pershing in Miami.

Pershing 80 for Charter

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