Cabin cruiser boats provide a unique experience where friends and families can share quality time together out on the water. Having a boat with a cabin is a real game changer as it has advantages over other types of watercraft.

If you´ve received your fair share of sun, simply enter the cabin, prepare a cold beverage and rest a while. In cooler temperatures (nights and afternoons) you can retreat to the cabin to warm yourself up in its snug interior.

If it rains or there are strong or cold winds, the cabin cruiser is always there to protect you. Having a cabin allows you to enjoy longer trips and gives you the freedom of travelling for multiple days.

Even small cabin cruisers give you all the amenities so you can spend more time out on the water. It’s kind of like your own floating home, equipped with everything you need to give you peace and comfort.

So what is a Cabin Cruiser?

Now you know the perks that cabin cruisers offer, you may be asking yourself ‘what exactly is a cabin cruiser?’ A cabin cruiser is a type of motor boat (speed or power boat) known for providing accommodation for its crew.

Some cabin cruisers are fitted with outboard motors installed on the rear, while others have inboard engines which are enclosed within the hull of the boat. Most cabin cruisers are 25-50ft long and come equipped with a galley, a head and at least one berth.

Cabin cruiser boats are able to handle just about any weather conditions without a problem due to their size. Some cabin cruiser models come equipped with power generators which provide electricity for air conditioning and/or heating. It´s important to note that most ‘cruisers’ also have shore power electric systems and water heaters, which are very useful.

The newest cabin cruisers have improved their hydrodynamic designs, which provide a spacious cockpit and cozy dining area. Cabin cruisers offer stability, durability, ease of handling, and a nice balance of performance and comfort.

A Brief History

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The cabin cruiser boat design was virtually created by Elco and other builders between the 1920s and 1930s. There weren’t many cabin cruiser manufacturers at the time, so they were expensive for most people and difficult to obtain.

Elco (Electric Launch Company before being renamed) is a United States boat building company that started back in 1892. They built the first Diesel powered yacht in America and are known for some of their contributions during World War I and II.

When World War II ended, things slowly returned to normal and people decided to get out on the water again. By the 1950s new mass production techniques and materials had been developed, reducing costs for the boat industry.

This development flooded the market with innovations and made it possible for the average man to own a cabin cruiser. Boats with sleeping quarters or double cabins were the result of these developments within the industry. Cabin cruisers evolved into a vessel to be enjoyed out on the water.

Why Choose a Cabin Cruiser?

So far we have explained what a cabin cruiser is and given you a brief history of its creation. Now let us look at the reasons why they are so popular among boat enthusiasts.

One of the main benefits a cabin cruiser provides is the possibility to use them for extended periods of time. Regarding overall maintenance, cabin cruisers won´t cost you a small fortune to maintain throughout the year, when compared to slightly larger boats.

Obviously, cabin cruiser purchase price will vary depending on many factors such as brand, size and the features they have. For example, some include optional features like entertainment areas and outdoor grills, while others may have no optional extras.

One of the biggest advantages over larger yachts is cabin cruisers provide similar characteristics while being more affordable. Also, they are normally fully operable without the need of a professional crew, making them a great starting option.

They usually have beautifully designed exteriors, provide top performance, and offer comfortable interiors to please every member of the family. Let’s analyze some of the best models that prove these points, beginning with the Sea Ray cabin cruiser.

Sea Ray 370 Venture

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With an overall length of 37ft the 370 Venture comes with outboard engine propulsion. It has a fuel capacity of 222 galons and a water capacity of 31 galons. This potent cabin cruiser is powered by a pair of Mercury 300HP Verados which are located underneath the sun pads.

The cabin has enough space to accommodate five people, and features a full-size settee and a queen-size bed. As a bonus, this Sea Ray power cruiser includes a large storage room, air conditioning, and heating. It´s clear to see that Sea Ray have designed and built this beautiful vessel with convenience and functionality in mind.

At only 37 feet long we place the Sea Ray 370 Venture in the ‘small cabin cruiser’ category. However, don´t be deceived by its size! This is a high powered cruiser which boasts both speed and stability.

Although it has a beautiful exterior, some people believe that the galley lacks space. The galley does have a fridge, microwave, and a decent size sink, but unfortunately there is no stove or oven.

The purchase price is a major factor for people wanting to enter the cabin cruiser market. You can find the latest version of this type of motor cruiser for sale with a starting price of $390,000

Or if you search for used cabin cruisers for sale, you may be able to get one for around $199,000. This is a nice option if you want to obtain your first cabin cruiser and enjoy it with friends.

Sea Ray Sundancer 350 Cabin Cruiser

sea ray sundancer 350

If you want something similar but just a little bit bigger the 350 Cabin Cruiser is for you. This sundancer has an overall length of 37ft, a fuel capacity of 230 galons, and a water capacity of 40 galons.

The sundancer 350 Cabin Cruiser provides enough seating in the cockpit area for five people. There´s a deck with a sink and grill so you can comfortably cook outside the cabin. The galley comes equipped with a sink, a stove, microwave and a fridge. This gives you the option to cook indoors if you wish.

Similar to other power cruisers of this size, she comes with a compact and cozy design. The cabin area includes a TV, a pair of sofas, a large bed, and two small cots. It’s important to note that there is no privacy barrier, because it lacks a separate bedroom. Another negative point is the galley doesn’t have an oven.

On a positive note, this beautiful yacht gains standard propulsion from a Twin Mercruiser 6.2L MPI ECT Bravo III Axius. With ample storage space this is the perfect cabin cruiser for a couple, or for a small group of friends. The latest Sea Ray Sundancer 350 Cabin Cruiser sell for around $450,000. A used version will cost you a minimum of $209,000

Sea Ray Sundancer 450

sea ray sundancer 450

Would you like to enjoy luxurious comfort while you travel? Then this 45ft cabin cruiser is for you. The Say Ray Sundancer 450 has 300 galon fuel storage, a 70 galon water tank, and a 42 galon holding tank.

She offers performance, comfort and quality, and is capable of travelling long distances non stop. Built with superior components, a close look will attest to the quality of this beautiful yacht. This is a high powered cruiser with a total of four engines: 2 MerCruiser Bravo III Axius and 2 MerCruiser Bravo III Seacore.

The cabin can sleep up to six people and includes an open salon, media room, and a fluid overall interior layout. Japanese Shoji doors and solid-wood cabinets are features of the modern décor. This Sea Ray yacht also includes an expansive galley with sink and stove under lids. There is enough space to cook a meal and serve a buffet!

Other features include a 37″ TV (which is connected to a home theater system) and a DSS satellite system. This power cruiser´s base price is around $829,205 new. If you search for used cabin cruisers for sale, you could pay as little as $460,000

Scout 380 LXF Cabin Cruiser

scout 380 lxf cabin cruiser

In case you prefer to be alone on the water and don´t wish to share, this option may be for you. At a total length of 38ft and with a fuel capacity of 404 galons, the Scout 380 has the advantages of a small motor cruiser.

She also includes a 51 galon water tank and a 16 galon holding tank. The 380 LXF cabin cruiser has features that other cabin cruisers don´t. Such as electronically-actuated articulating rocket launchers and an electronically-actuated hidden entertainment station.

There is a comfortable seating area that includes a TV so you can relax and enjoy some visual entertainment. The galley is equipped with a stove, fridge, microwave, and sink. The cabin is quite small and only has one bed, so if you want to do an overnight trip, guest numbers will definitely be limited!

The 380 LXF cabin cruiser yacht is powered by 3 Mercury 350 VERADO engines. Its structure consists of an epoxy-infused hull with the use of carbon fiber/e-glass for durability. Searching ‘cabin cruisers for sale’ you will find the Scout 380 LXF at $660,000 new, or starting at $490,000 for a used version.

Final Thoughts

After doing our research and providing quality information, we sure hope you have learnt a little about cabin cruisers. It´s always nice to know the history behind these types of boats, like the company that first created them.

We also mentioned numerous reasons why you should consider acquiring a cabin cruiser, be it for personal use or cruising with friends & family. Remember, cabin cruisers hold some advantages over larger yachts, especially regarding new and used market prices.

If you would like to, take another look at our brief cabin cruiser reviews. Although there are other makes, it´s evident that Sea Ray cabin cruisers are extremely popular. Other motor cruisers worth mentioning are Glastron GS 259 Cabin Cruiser, Carver 34, Grand Banks 43 EU, and the Rinker 370 EX.

Now you can use the information in this article to have a better overall understanding of cabin cruisers. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a cabin cruiser and enjoy some nautical adventures with your friends.

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