If you love the beach, take a look at our list of beautiful Freeport beaches that you should visit. Most people enjoy spending time at the beach whether to relax or to enjoy some kind of activity. So why not organize a family vacation and visit some of the most picturesque beaches in the world.

Where is Freeport?

Freeport is both a district and city located on the Grand Bahama Island, within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It is situated approximately 95 miles east-north-east of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The distance from West Palm Beach to Freeport Bahamas is about 75 miles. How far is Freeport from Nassau? Freeport is close to 125 miles south-south-east of the capital (Nassau) of the Bahamas.

Your Own Freeport Beach Tour

Once you arrive in Freeport we suggest you find an information center and get yourself a Freeport Bahamas map. This will make getting around so much easier! With map in hand you can begin to plan your very own Freeport beach itinerary.

Best Beaches in Freeport Bahamas

Please note that our list of beaches in Freeport Bahamas is in no particular order. Freeport is one of the best vacation spots in the Bahamas and each of its beaches has its own charm and appeal. If you decide to visit Freeport we would love to hear your comments about these beaches.

Taino Beach

Taino Beach Grand Bahama

Taino beach offers a nice stretch of soft, white sand and clear blue water. It is located about a mile north-east of Bell Channel and less than a mile south-west of Smith´s Point beach.

You can hire chairs and umbrellas to enjoy some shade or even rent a jet ski if you wish. There are also a few local restaurants with beachside waiters who offer local food and drinks.

Taino beach is quite easy to get to from downtown Freeport, there are always plenty of taxis on hand. There´s a small fee to gain access to the beach which includes the use of kayaks, paddle boards, and restrooms. This Freeport beach is quite popular among cruise ship tourists due to its proximity to the port.

Fortune Beach

Fortune Beach Grand Bahama

This beautiful beach was named ‘Fortune’ after a $2 million shipwreck was found there back in the 1960s. The beach is located adjacent to Cape Smiths and is approximately 5 miles from Port Lucaya.

This Freeport beach is perfect if you wish to relax and escape the noisy tourist areas. The calm, clear, shallow, turquoise water is ideal for children and safe for swimming and snorkeling.

Kite surfers and wind surfers also enjoy Fortune beach on a regular basis due to the ideal conditions. Banana Bay restaurant serves visitors to this beach with snacks and drinks, and parking is close by.

Paradise Cove Beach

Paradise Cove Beach Resort

Another stunning Bahama beach that offers peace and tranquility for its visitors. This beach is actually located at the Paradise Cove Beach Resort, at the west end of the island.

The beach has powdery white sand and some coconut trees that sway to the ocean breeze. You can grab yourself some snorkel gear and explore Deadman’s Reef. You will see plenty of tropical fish and other marine life in their natural habitat. If snorkeling is not your thing, you can always hire a kayak, or simply lay back and enjoy the sun.

Paradise Cove Beach Resort provides round trip transportation from the port. The ‘Red Bar’ supplies food and drinks which are reasonably priced.

How to get to Freeport Bahamas?

There are only two ways of arriving at Freeport Bahamas, by air or by sea. You can take a flight from mainland USA if your vacation time is limited.

There are frequent flights to Freeport, Bahamas from a variety of US cities. Flights are not too expensive, so it may be a good travel option for you.

The only other way to arrive at Freeport is by sea. You could organize a cruise for the whole family and board a cruise ship that departs from Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

Another option would be to charter a private yacht out of Miami and head to Freeport. We recommend you charter a yacht so you can enjoy one of the finer things in life!

Freeport Beach Transport

Grand Bahama beaches are truly picturesque and ideal for all members of the family. If you arrive by cruise ship there are a variety of Freeport Bahamas beaches near cruise port. The port always has plenty of taxis on hand to take tourists to their chosen Freeport beach.

Best Beach in Freeport Bahamas?

We think the answer to this question is totally subjective. Each Freeport beach is beautiful, it all comes down to your own personal taste.

We recommend you plan a family vacation to Freeport Grand Bahama Island and experience Freeport beaches for yourself. We would love to hear about your favorite Freeport beach, so please leave a comment below.

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