Every year many new yacht toys and gadgets are released on the market. From inflatable slides and jet skis, to beautiful accessories that every boat owner would love to have. These lavish and inventive toys spark excitement in people of all ages.

If you are interested in knowing more about water toys for yachts, this article is for you! We have compiled a list of 10 water toys that everyone should try at least once in their lives. Here are our top 10 picks for water toys that will definitely improve your yachting experience.

18ft Foam Island Raft

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Ever wanted a platform that serves as a bed or place to chill out on the water? Investing in a quality foam island raft will provide you and your family with the perfect place to relax. You can lounge about on the floating island only meters from the stern of your yacht. Floating islands are fantastic for kids, but please supervise your children.

A great advantage of floating water mats is they are constructed of high-density foam, so there is never any need to inflate them. Just take them from storage and throw them into the water near your anchored yacht. You and your family will have a great time on a foam island.

11ft Stand Up Paddleboard

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Adding a stand up paddleboard to your wish list is highly recommended. There are a variety of different SUP (stand up paddleboards) available. Paddleboards are commonly promoted as racing, yoga, all-around, or surf types.

SUPs allow you to spend time to explore the local waters while your boat is anchored. You can get to experience the ocean on a different level. The SUP is always a great addition to your inventory.

Giant Party Flamingo

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If you really want to stand out on the water, the giant party flamingo is a nice choice. The party flamingo is a trending inflatable you’ll want to show off to your family and friends.

The party flamingo is normally constructed of plastic and features a high-grade PVC coating for added durability. It also includes neck grips which are very useful to avoid falling from the gigantic flamingo.

It does take some time to inflate this enormous beauty, so definitely plan ahead. You can literally spend hours chilling off the stern of your boat once it has been inflated, . Water toys such as the giant party flamingo are unique, comfortable, and kids love them.

Jet Ski

The mighty jet ski is one of the more popular items you can add to your water toy collection. It is perhaps the most enjoyable nautical leisure toy available.

From the stern of your yacht, untie the jet ski, start the engine, and explore the local waterways. Jet skis allow you to speed above the surface of the water and reach large distances if desired.

Although they can be expensive to purchase, there is an extensive pre-owned market, making them affordable for many. Riding a jet ski will give you an adrenaline rush that can become addictive. Your family and friends will be entertained the whole day, and will love you for it!

Seabob Scooter

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The seabob is a fun way to travel on or below the surface of the water. Seabobs are known as the world’s fastest underwater scooters.

Seabobs consist of a high-performance electric-drive system which produces a powerful propulsive force. With motors that use environmentally friendly technology, they are becoming very popular in a rapid manner.

The seabob offers incredible performance in a compact design and has excellent handling in a variety of circumstances. This type of water toy is ideal for both snorkeling and diving. Driving a DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) is a truly unique experience that you should definitely try out sometime.

Yacht Water Slide

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Some water slides built for motor yachts are up to 12 meters high, which makes them a real centerpiece out on the water. They come with a lightweight design that allows for better handling without sacrificing their usability. Yacht water slides are made from the finest materials available to ensure durability and safety.

Each slide usually includes an inflation pump so you can have the slide ready in the least amount of time. For safety and usability, each slide normally has multiple attachment points to secure it to the yacht.

Some slides allow users to reach pretty impressive speeds, with angular drops of up to 45 degrees. No doubt, the yacht water slide will keep your kids entertained for hours!

Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall

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For anyone who has kids, the inflatable rock climbing wall is one of the best additions to any yacht. Everyone can get in on the action. This awesome water toy is ideal for children and adults alike.

Inflatable rock climbing walls come in several different designs, ensuring action and safety for all users. You may select between water entry and deck entry walls, depending on your preference. Most climbing walls come with a non-slip leaping platform to avoid any accidents. For added safety, climbing walls have comfortable grip handholds, climbing ropes, and optional auto-belay connections.

When you are in the water and want to climb the inflatable wall, there´s absolutely no danger. If at any time you fall, you just fall into the water. When you succeed and reach the top, you can feel proud that you conquered the wall. This water toy really is a great option for any motor yacht.

Critter-Free Pool

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If you have ever felt uncomfortable about swimming in deeper water, the critter-free pool is for you! This type of pool consists of a ‘frame-shaped’ inflatable platform and a net, which provide a floating, rectangular swimming pool.

The critter-free pool´s net is ‘anchored’ in each corner with the use of weights. The net keeps swimmers free from most fish, jellyfish, and any kind of waste that may be floating around.

This water toy is a must-have, especially if you want to protect your children at all times. If you want your family and friends to swim in protected waters, we definitely recommend the critter-free pool. You can combine the critter-free pool with a yacht water slide for hours of fun and peace of mind!

Water Trampoline

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Are you interested in a unique and exciting water toy? If so, the water trampoline is a great option. This is a safe yet fun way to enhance any nautical adventure. After all, everyone loves to bounce and splash into the water.

Water trampolines are made of sturdy materials which provide comfort, safety, and long-term durability. They usually have a diameter of at least 8ft, allowing multiple kids to bounce around at the same time! For an outrageous time on the water, get yourself a water trampoline. Your kids will adore you.

Inflatable Yacht Float

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Take a splash in the ocean with an inflatable yacht float. Picture yourself out on the water relaxing on a yacht float as you enjoy the warm Miami sun.

Some floats have cool color combinations, drink holders, and double-reinforced front cooler which you can fill with ice. Besides lazing around, these amazing floats can be used as temporary docks to help you with hull maintenance. They can also be used as SCUBA diving platforms and/or swim platforms.

We recommend you purchase high-quality floats that are designed for rugged and long-lasting use. This product generally sells out rather quickly, so make sure you get in early.

Final Word

If you have your own yacht and want your guests to have the time of their lives, water toys are a must. There are many different types of water toys available, so it all depends on your budget.

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